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Garage doors have certainly become a necessity for every home. And why not? Garages have contributed to the success of many global companies today. It is unlikely that one won’t find a house with a garage in any estate you walk into in the country. They are very popular and for the right reasons. More than just serving as a place where you park your vehicles, garages have been converted to serve different important purposes. Hence, the need for a door that’s just as important.

These doors just like every other things are susceptible to wear and tear. A door doesn’t necessarily have to break down before you need to fix it. Which is why sometimes all you need is a garage door makeover. If you find your door not as aesthetically pleasing as it used to be, then a garage door makeover may be necessary. This takes care of replacing the panels, changing the weather seal, replacing the rollers and tracks, etc. And while you may be able to get this done by yourself, it is always better to hire the services of a professional technician.

Garage Door Services: Top Professionals!

Martin Garage Door is a professional outfit in Lombard, IL that is responsible for whatever you need with such doors. Having been in the industry for many years now, there is no type of entry door that we cannot handle. We are well informed of the different changes that have been made over the years. With this knowledge, we are sure that we are the right company for your door needs and services. And such services include installation, maintenance, panel replacement, adjustment, opener installation and repair, etc. Our top professionals are always available and ready to assist you whenever the need arises.

Important Components of a Garage Door

There are many components that make up the door to your garage. While some components are more important than others, your door won’t function properly without some. Let’s look at some of these components.


The door to your garage has this component, which serves as the main body of your door. The panels make up more than 80% of your door, and they come in various designs and materials. If you’re going to install or carry out a garage door makeover that involves replacing the panels, you should consult with us to make a good choice.


This component is a major instrument in how your door works. A spring is needed for the weight of your door to be spread evenly. There are two types of these springs: extension springs and torsion springs. These two types of springs function differently, but both help to counterbalance the weight of your door.

Rollers and Tracks:

These parts of your door play a part in the opening and closing of your door. The rollers help your door run along the tracks while opening, and the track keeps your door in place. Something is wrong if your door goes off track, and in most cases, it will need to be replaced. Rollers have a short life span, so you may need to replace them from time to time.


This is the motor component of your door. An opener is responsible for the opening or closing of your door. Without this device, you may have to resort to opening and closing your door manually. Openers can last for up to 10 years without problems, but make sure you have the quality ones.

Brackets and Hinges:

These are mostly used to hold other components in place. A bracket helps to mount your opener on the wall or ceiling. It also helps to attach your door panels together, depending on the type of door you have installed.

Weather seals:

These are lined around the open spaces between your door and the wall to prevent elements such as rain and air from slipping through.
Other components include the cables, tubes, and drums, which are also critical parts of your door.

Repair and Installation of These Components

If there are any issues with any of these components, it can cause a disruption to the smooth functioning of your door. So, if you find your garage door off track or your garage door not closing properly, there is something wrong somewhere. While you may simply need a garage door makeover, a replacement of some of these components may be the best option.

Martin Garage Door is always your best choice of service provider in Lombard, IL. So, contact us for the best and most affordable garage door makeover or repair services today.

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